Everything You Need for a Safe, Successful Summit! The course is in development and will launch soon. Sign up for updates to be part of the inaugural class!

Who is This Course For?

  • Hikers and backpackers who'd like to try ascending a peak.
  • Those who are curious about peak bagging and may want to summit all the 14ers
  • Anyone new to Colorado looking to summit their first 14er.
  • Those traveling to Colorado who wish to summit a 14er on their trip.

Who is This Course Not For?

  • Experienced mountaineers and technical climbers.
  • Those who've already climbed more than ten 14ers.
  • Anyone who wants to climb a peak in winter or snow conditions.

Meet Your Instructor: Alex Derr

What Will You Learn in This Course?

Increase Your Chance for a Successful Summit!

From training advice to planning and research tips, my course provides the edge needed to have a successful first summit.

Acclimate Properly to Avoid Altitude Sickness

There's a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to altitude sickness. We'll share best practices to reduce your risk of AMS.

Plan & Bring the Gear Needed to Stay Safe

A lot can go wrong on a 14er if you aren't prepared. We'll walk you through the steps to plan for the worst and bring key gear.

Route Info & A Virtual Climb to Guide You

Finish the course with a virtual ascent of Mt. Bierstadt. I'll walk you through this easy climb close to Denver and provide route info.