Mt Antero Standard Route Guide

Mt Antero is one of the more southern Sawatch 14ers and one of the most accessible. An old mining road climbs close to the summit, allowing those with a 4WD vehicle and high clearance to get high on the slopes before hiking. You do have to deal with passing jeeps, but the view from the summit is worth the road. It also means you’re guaranteed to have a good path to hike up for nearly the entire route. Plan your trip to this 14er with my Mt Antero Standard Route Guide.

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Mt Antero Mountain Standard Route Guide

If you have a 2WD car you’ll need to park at the lower trailhead. If not, you can continue further up the mountain. Near 10,850′ you’ll come upon a creek crossing to cross either way. Head left carefully, taking extra care in spring and early summer when the water runs high.

Continue past tree line as you begin to climb the slope of Mt Antero using the road’s series of switchbacks. Fight the temptation to cut these switchbacks as it degrades the alpine terrain.

Here you can see a view above you of the switchbacks yet to come, with the summit beyond. While the switchbacks are long, the slope is gradual making for a reasonable elevation gain, versus something extremely steep. Take care for jeeps and trucks passing by in these higher sections.

Once you make it to the ridge, follow the road around the Point that lies in front you (which isn’t Antero, but a false summit). This is a good place to stop for a weather check to make sure things are clear enough to continue. 

After heading around the point, ascend a series of switchbacks up to the final ridge where the road will finally sputter out.

From here, follow the right side of the ridge up to the summit. Patches of snow here exist late into the year, so bringing traction is generally a good idea.

This shows the final 300-400 crux of the climb to reach the summit. You can take the steeper, more direct line straight up the ridge or follow cairns for a more round about way to the right. Either way, don’t give up – you’re almost there!

Once you make it to the summit, enjoy your accomplishment. Get a good drink of water and a snack, and make sure you leave with plenty of time to get back to tree line before afternoon thunderstorms become an issue. I hope you enjoyed my Mt Antero Standard Route Guide.

Mt Antero Standard Route Guide

Hiking & climbing 14ers is an inherently high-risk activity – do so at your own risk, and use the following best practices to help keep yourself safe.

  1. Research your route and bring a compass & topographic map.
  2. Check the weather forecast and stay home during inclement weather.
  3. Bring the Ten Essentials and the knowledge/skill to use them.
  4. Leave your plans with someone back home along with a detailed itinerary.
  5. Start early, and end early: Be back at tree line by noon to avoid lightning.
  6. Bring a buddy on your first ascent, preferably someone experienced.


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