14ers near Breckenridge | 8 Great Peaks to Hike and Climb

Whether you’re skiing in Breckenridge or visiting during the summer, 14ers offer an exciting way to spend a day exploring the Colorado rocky mountains around you. You’re in luck as there are many 14ers near Breckenridge, and they can be hiked or climbed in both summer or winter with the right preparation and gear. Keep in mind that the further you get from Breckenridge and the front range, the quieter the mountains will get (in case you’re seeking solitude).

Hiking or Climbing 14ers Near Breckenridge

If you’re new to hiking Colorado 14ers, there are a few things you should know before you go. First, research the route well beforehand and bring a good map with you to help you navigate. Second, pack the ten essentials, gear to help keep you safe when recreating in the mountains. Third, check the weather forecast before you climb, and leave your plans with someone back home. These tips will help ensure you have a safe and successful climb. Now here are my 9 favorite 14ers near Breckenridge.

Quandary Peak - 18 Minutes Away

While Quandary Peak is by far the closest fourteener to Breckenridge, it’s also one of the busiest 14ers near Breckenridge. It’s much quieter in the winter months, when it can be snowshoed once a trench is established following storms. The trailhead is readily accessible just south of Breckenridge year-round, and it’s a class 1 hike all the way to the summit. If you’re looking for an easy peak good for beginners, Quandary Peak is the right choice. Click here for route information.

Winter 14ers for Beginners

The Decalibron - 43 Minutes Away

The Decalibron is a route that includes four 14ers: Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Bross. You can reach them via the Kite Lake trailhead just north of Fairplay. The road up to the trailhead is route, but most vehicles can make it. This route gets very busy as it’s the only 14er route with four peaks. I recommend climbing it during a week day to avoid the worst of the crowds. It’s the best multi-peak route for 14ers near Breckenridge. Click here for route information.

Grays & Torreys Peak - 1 Hour Away

Grays Peak and Torreys Peak are two twin fourteener mountains just east of the Continental Divide. It’s right around an hour northeast of Breckenridge, just off of I-70 near Loveland Pass. You can climb Grays Peak first, a class 1 hike, and easily add Torreys Peak, a class 2 scramble, if the weather allows. This is a very busy area due to its proximity to Denver, so you may want to avoid it if you’re looking for a trail you can enjoy on your own. Click here for route information for these 14ers near Breckenridge.

Hiking Grays Peak in May

Mt Elbert - 1 Hour, 23 Minutes Away

Mount Elbert is the tallest mountain peak in Colorado, and the tallest of the 14ers on this list. It’s nearly an hour and a half from Breckenridge, but the drive takes you through some of the prettiest parts of central Colorado. The climb itself is a class 1 hike all the way from trailhead to summit. While its status attracts attention, the route is a bit less busy compared to the peaks on this list closer to Breckenridge. There are also good dispersed camping locations very near the peak if you want to spend the night there before or after. Click here for route information.

Mount of the Holy Cross- 1 Hour, 35 Minutes Away

Rounding out the list is Mount of the Holy Cross, the northernmost 14er in the Sawatch Range. Named for the dramatic gully that collects snow on its eastern face, it has attracted pilgrims to its slopes for more than 100 years. You can climb it via the standard route over Half Moon Pass, or take the longer and more difficult nonstandard route along Halo Ridge to see the Cross for yourself. Either way, this is the longest and most difficult of the 14ers near Breckenridge I’ve shared here. Click here for route information.

14ers Near Breckenridge: Now You Know!

While Breckenridge is famous for its skiing and snowboarding, it is an amazing base camp for exploring Colorado’s fourteeners as well. These 9 14ers near Breckenridge have something for all experience levels, seasons and sensibilities. Looking for even more resources? Checkout¬†14ers.com¬†for more route guides and photos to research your trip. Next time you’re in town, set aside some time to summit a peak or two and enjoy the views from the top!


About the Author: Alex Derr

Alex Derr is a mountaineer and blogger based in Denver Colorado. He is working to climb Colorado’s highest 100 peaks, and the 20 tallest peaks in California. He created The Next Summit to share advice, stories, history & reflections from the Colorado Rockies & Sierra Nevada. When not climbing, he is managing the Communications strategy at Visible Network Labs.