Best Snowshoes for 14ers

If you’re hiking or climbing 14ers in winter months here in Colorado, snowshoes are often a necessity. The Rocky Mountains are blanketed in a thick layer of snow, sometimes into June or July. Especially for areas below tree-line, a good pair of snowshoes will help you stay above the snow and avoid post-holing. A lot of people ask me what I think are the best snowshoes for 14ers. Here’s a few things to consider, along with my four recommended pairs.

How to Pick the Best Snowshoes for 14ers

When picking a pair of snowshoes for 14ers, you want to consider a few important things. First, look for a pair that has good traction with crampons or teeth to help you keep your balance on steep, slick slopes. Second, you want a pair that includes a heel lift. They save you a ton of tension on your leg muscles during uphill sections. Third, lighter snowshoes are best, though they often come with a premium price. Finally, consider the binding types, as more expensive options are more comfortable than others. The best showshoes for 14ers meet all these requirements.

The Four Best Snowshoes for 14ers: My Picks

The best showshoes for 14ers are all called backcountry snowshoes. They have all the features you need to stay afloat in deep mountain snow. I walk through each option below.

best snowshoes for 14ers

MSR Evo Ascent Backcountry Snowshoes

The Evo Ascent snowshoes are the most affordable option on this list. With good crampon teeth and an easy to use binding system, they’re a great first pair of snowshoes that work great for any hike. Their biggest downside is their weight, which is a big heavy thanks to their durable plastic construction. I wouldn’t use these for extremely long treks where that weight becomes a burden, but they’re great for short trips.

Learn more and purchase a pair here.

Tubbs Flex ALP Snowshoes

Tubbs is another great snowshoe brand that has several contenders for the best showshoes for 14ers. Their Alp backcountry snowshoes have a flexible design that’s supposed to provide better stability and balance on the snow. A touch crampon and heel-rest also help for steep hiking and climbing up the high peaks. They’re a bit lighter than the Evo Ascent but aren’t the lightest option either.

Learn more and purchase a pair here.

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

When it comes to the best snowshoes for 14ers, there’s no better option than the MSR Lightning Ascent. With the same grip and features as the Evo Ascent, the Lightning version is made with a lightweight carbon material that cuts significant weight from these snowshoes. This makes the going much easier for more technical and extreme adventures. These are simply the best snowshoes for 14ers, though they’re also the most expensive.

Learn more and purchase a pair here.

Tubbs Flex VRT Snowshoes

Tubbs produces a number of different snowshoe options. Their Flex VRT shoes are made with a special DynamicFit binding that provides more comfortable support using an air cushion. It’s slightly more expensive than their ALP model but is better for technical situations thanks to their advanced binding features. It’s a good choice for mid-length trips up steep slopes. 

Learn more and purchase a pair here.

Enjoy a Winter Hike with the Best Snowshoes for 14er

There are a lot of great snowshoes out there. When picking out the best snowshoes for 14ers, you should pick a pair that has crampons and traction, a heel-lift, and good bindings. These four options are just a few of the many snowshoes available online. I hope you enjoyed this gear review on the best snowshoes for 14ers. 

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best snowshoes for 14ers